2015 Up Around the Bend
Kursala + FUEGO BOOKS May 2015 First edition

ISBN 978-84-943983-0-8
Kursala-Fuego Books, 2015
Concept & edition: Christian Lagata & Walter Costa
Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos
Prepress: Víctor Garrido
Coordination: Gonzalo Golpe
Seamed viewed and covered with folding blueprint
16,5 x 22 cm
84 pag
Edition 1000

2016 Where the Neons Turn to Wood
Limited Edition FUEGO BOOKS

ISBN 978-84-943983-0-8
Fuego Books, 2016
Concept & edition: Christian Lagata & Porelamordedios
Design: Porelamordedios
Music: Tales of Trees (Alejandro Olmedo, Marcos Carnero & Tomás Virgós)

Where the Neons Turn to Wood Is a limited edition of Up Around the Bend . From the beginning this work has been deeply connected with music, which caused that for this limited edition a large group of people, all with jobs related in the music industry, participating in its design and in the register included in the same. The LP is called Up Around the Bend and presents a new music inspired by the project and the special atmosphere of Rota, the town of Cadiz where the story unfolds.

The edition includes (in a silkscreen box of 32 x 31cm):

- Publication signed by the author.
- 5 photographs of a limited series of 50 (12x12 cm cotton paper Smooth).
- Poster of a limited series of 50 made by the fragmentation of a photographic mural. F
- Totebag "Where the neons turn to wood" promo.
- "Up Around the Bend" Tales of Trees Cassette with 4 tracks.

Edition of 50


A ilha, Lisbon
26th February - 9th April 2016
Site-specific installation
[Objects and dimensions variable]

Texts about the project:

· Review in Babelia, El País by Alberto Martín, SP
· Interview in Elephant Magazine by Ollie Gapper, UK

Sculpture: metal fence and wooden base 180 x 80 cm
Photographs on paper Hahnemühle PhotoRag 188 grs
Plane Epson Professional PhotoRag [Pantone Reflex Blue U]
Displays on paper Epson Premium Luster 260 gr
Five digital frames with images colors

Epson Premium Luster 260 gr
110 x 70 cm

Up Around The Bend: a visual song from Christian Lagata on Vimeo.

Up Around the Bend: a visual song is a trip around a fence that divide two realities. It is a ride around a military US Aeronaval Base located in a little village in the south of Spain (Rota, Cadiz). A simple road trip builds a piece that rarely strives the formal beauty, calling to mind to Jim Jarmusch and other classic american authors.

11 min, one canal, black and white, sound
Soundtrack: Tales of Trees (OPTIONAL)