Fui piedra y perdí mi centro, 2022
Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, C3A, Córdoba

Group exhibition 
Violeta Mayoral, Andrés Vidal, Juia Martos and Christian Lagata

Curated by Joaquín Jesús Sánchez
Sol de fuego, 2022

Installation. Salt rocks, brass, linen, dried thistles, photographs and reclaimed furniture, variable measurements.

“A remarkable substance, rock salt is a regular dietary supplement for livestock, set out in blocks for them to lick smooth. In this work, Christian Lagata explores the possibilities of this simultaneously ordinary and unusual mineral. Combined with chairs, linen curtains, brass ornaments and household goods, the installation sketches something akin to a little Andalusian landscape, where the domestic is intertwined with thistles and items that seems to have taken shelter from the searing heat and severity of the light.

The symbolic connotations of salt are layered with the coarse dimensions of these rocks which, though prettified and reconstituted as amulets, beads or small fetishes, still seem heavy and laborious, embodying the arduous task of lugging one’s roots about as baggage.”

Joaquín Jesús Sánchez